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Sole Sale and Discounts

Welcome to where you can find Sole Fitness coupon codes and/or sale listings (most, if not all Sole deals, are in the form of sales instead of coupon codes and promo codes). Check out all Sole Fitness sale listings carefully as there are many … [Read more...]

Ab Coaster Workout Options: Ab Coaster Workouts to Blast Your Abs

Ab Coaster Weight Plates

There aren't many ab machines that work out your abs quite like the Ab Coaster. The best part of the Ab Coaster is its ability to target your central and lower abs.  Working out upper abs is easy with crunches, so adding in a few Ab Coaster sets … [Read more...]

ProForm Treadmill Reviews – Access In-Depth Reviews Here

Innovation for less – this makes ProForm treadmill brand popular in the fitness market. When it comes to integrating technology with home fitness equipment, ProForm is the number 1.  As the developer of the incredibly popular *iFit Live … [Read more...]

Marathon Training on a Treadmill: Sample Marathon Training Program

Marathon Training on a Treadmill

According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, the top-selling piece of fitness equipment is the treadmill. This is not really a surprise, as the treadmill allows for fitness training no matter what the weather conditions are like … [Read more...]

Ab Coaster Review – Anyone Can do a Crunch: Ab Coaster Takes it a New Level

Ab Coaster Review

Anyone can do crunches.  Yes, crunches are good for abdominal exercises.  However, they target the upper abdominals only. If you want to get serious about ab development and hit the lower abs as well, the Ab Coaster is for you. Seldom do I do … [Read more...]

Bowflex TreadClimber TC20 Review & FAQ

Bowflex TC20 TreadClimber

What do you get when you combine a treadmill, elliptical and a stepper? Answer: a treadclimber Bowflex' TreadClimber TC20 is an extremely popular treadmill because it's very low impact and offers a combination of the benefits offered by three … [Read more...]

Marathon Treadmills – 6 Treadmills Ideal for Marathon Training

Marathon Treadmills

Is one of your dreams to run a marathon? Maybe you run marathons regularly and want a treadmill to help with training consistently and avoid nasty weather? Regardless of where you're at with your marathon career, a treadmill can help you train … [Read more...]

Visual Impact Cardio Review: I’m Doing This Interval Cardio Training Program

Visual Impact Cardio Review

For the first time in my life I've packed on a few extra pounds. What happened to me? My wife and I welcomed a baby boy in November 2011.  It seems that meals and our fitness regimen went on the back-burner for the last 4 months. Now that … [Read more...]

Burning Fat: Outside vs. Treadmill and Other Exercise Machines

If you're main objective with working out is to burn fat, perhaps you're wondering whether it's better to workout outside or on an exercise machine such as a treadmill. I'll start by saying this discussion is splitting hairs.  At the end of the … [Read more...]

Treadmills for the Visual Impact Cardio Workout Program

Smooth 7.35 Treadmill

I recently purchased the extremely popular Visual Impact Cardio workout program.  I managed to get through it in a couple of days.  It's fairly riveting and presents some excellent fat burning concepts and concrete workouts using exercise … [Read more...]

5 Treadmills Perfect for Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom in 2012

ProForm 4500 PRO Treadmill

Spring is a great time of year if you live in a 4-season climate like I do.  The rain and snow stops, the sun shines and I take some of my workouts outside (although now that I'm doing the Visual Impact Cardio program I'll be relying on my treadmill … [Read more...]

Treadmill Fat Burning Workouts – 3 Workouts: Pros and Cons of Each

Burning fat and losing weight is one of the most popular reasons people buy a treadmill. After all, you can't argue with the convenience of having a treadmill in your home.  There's hardly an excuse not to use it ... and surely you can find 20 to … [Read more...]

Amazon Treadmills – Should You Buy an Amazon Treadmill?

Many treadmill brands are sold on Amazon.  The inventory of Amazon treadmills is impressive, but then Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world.  You'd be crazy as a treadmill manufacturer not to list your inventory there. The fact is … [Read more...]

Visual Impact Cardio Workout and Yoga – A Good Mix?

I finished reading the Visual Impact Cardio workout guide a couple of days ago and am pretty excited about this cardio regimen. Whenever I start a workout program, one of the first questions I pose to myself is whether I can integrate it in some … [Read more...]

Walking Treadmill Must-Have Features PLUS a List of Walking Treadmills

Pedestrian Walking

If you're sole intention with a treadmill is to use it for walking, you do not need to spend over a thousand dollars.  It's simply not necessary UNLESS you want enhanced entertainment features such as a television, computer screen with internet … [Read more...]

March 21, 2012: ProForm’s Take 5 Sale Event – 5% OFF Everything


I noticed ProForm is having a one-day (March 21, 2012) sale. They're offering a "take an additional 5%" off sale.  This 5% is in addition to any existing ProForm sale prices. Click here for the "take 5 ProForm Sale." Sale ends today (March … [Read more...]

Sole E98 Elliptical Trainer Review – About, Features, Pros and Cons

Sole E98 Elliptical

The Sole E98 Elliptical Trainer is Sole's premium, top-end elliptical.  Sole states it's a "light commercial" grade elliptical.  I'm not sure exactly what that means.  Maybe it's suitable for gyms where there are many elliptical users.  Maybe … [Read more...]

Running Groups: Should I Join a Running Class or Group: Pros and Cons

The first time I observed a running class was the summer of 2003.  I was out for a run and saw this long line of runners being lead in drill-sergeant fashion down the road.  The group consisted of at least 50 runners.  The line stretched long with … [Read more...]

Workout Software: Is Tracking Your Workouts Worth It? Pros and Cons

by Carsten Mueller

There wasn't any workout software when I started working out 20 years ago. When I started weight lifting at age 15, the gym I belonged to had personal trainers on staff who helped members put together workouts according to desired objectives. I … [Read more...]

Treadmill Cost: What Treadmill Price Should I Pay?

Treadmill Cost

Buying big-ticket items such as a treadmill can be a little tricky because the range of pricing is incredible.  You can spend as little as $500 and as much as $6,000 or more. You don't want to buy more treadmill than you need or will foreseeably … [Read more...]