2012 Treadmills: The Latest and Greatest in Treadmill Technology

They’re here.  2012 treadmills are available and it’s exciting.  I love seeing new treadmills hit the market.

The improvement in treadmill quality and the massive innovation over the last few years is awesome.  I really have to tip my hat off to many treadmill manufacturers and merchants because they’re constantly pushing the envelope.

The best part is that as treadmill quality improves, prices aren’t increasing much at all.  In fact, treadmill prices are becoming more and more reasonable all the time.

Let’s take a look at some great 2012 treadmills.

2012 treadmills at-a-glance

ProForm Treadmills

I’m putting ProForm first because in my view they’ve improved their treadmills the most in recent years with respect to quality, features, innovation, and overall value.

When I started as a treadmill reviewer, I preferred other treadmill makers and merchants; however, the ProForm 2011 treadmills were nothing short of awesome.  The ProForm 2012 treadmills are really pushing the envelope.

The following ProForm treadmills were released in 2011 but will form a wonderful part of the ProForm 2012 treadmill line-up.

ProForm Pro 4500

I’m going to start with my favorite treadmill by ProForm which is the ProForm Pro 4500 treadmill.  It’s expensive, but it’s awesome.  In addition to truly premium features (3.8 hp motor, 450 pound max. weight capacity (unbelievable really), 60″ long running surface), it has a 10″ screen with wireless internet capabilities.

ProForm Pro 2500 and 2000 treadmills

As you can tell, I’m a fan of the ProForm Pro treadmill line.  For the money, both the 2500 and 2000 treadmills can’t be beat.  I favor the Pro 2500 treadmill (it’s $200 more than the Pro 2000 and worth the added cost), but the Pro 2000 treadmill is a sound buy.

ProForm is constantly working on software innovation with their iFit Live software.  For example, the Pro 2500 and 2000 treadmills can actually replicate running downhill with a decline setting so you can train running downhill.

ProForm Power 995 is updated for 2012.  The main change is the increase in horsepower from 2.75 to 3.0 hp.  Read my full updated ProForm Power 995 treadmill review here.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of the ProForm Pro line-up.  They are definitely worth checking out.

Yowza Treadmills

Yowza released 3 new treadmills for its 2012 treadmill line-up. Yowza’s 2012 innovation is adding its intelligent weight management technology with some of its treadmills.  I write about intelligent weight management here.

What I like overall about Yowza is they outfit all of their treadmills with much of the same technology.  The price range is narrow.  When you buy a Yowza treadmill, you’re getting their best features regardless which treadmill you buy.  This means Yowza is a true believer in their core treadmill technology and offer it across the board.

Yowza’s 2012 treadmills are as follows:

Daytona Treadmill

The Daytona treadmill is Yowza’s premium treadmill outfitted with intelligent weight management software.  It’s a truly premium featured treadmill.  Read my full Daytona treadmill review here.

Sebring Treadmill

Sebring is a decent value.  It has some premium features for a not-so-premium price.  Read my full Sebring treadmill review here.

Osprey Treadmill

I’m not so keen about the Osprey.  It’s a small treadmill, which I’m admittedly biased against.  However, if a small treadmill is what you’re looking for, then read my full Osprey treadmill review here.

Smooth Fitness

Smooth is taking a slightly different approach to its 2012 treadmills.  Instead of rolling out new models, they’re updating existing models.

To date, Smooth updated their 5.65, 6.75, 7.35, 8.35, and 9.35 models.  Read my updated Smooth Fitness reviews of the following Smooth Fitness Treadmills:

Smooth Fitness’ main updates for their 2012 models:

  • New console
  • Increased motor power in a few models.
  • Increased top speed on some models.

It’s early days and more 2012 treadmills will hit the market shortly.  Check back for updates as I watch out for more 2012 treadmill releases.

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