AFG 3.1 AT Treadmill Review

AFG fitness line greets customers this 2012 with great discounts on their treadmill units. Imagine the AFG 3.1 AT treadmill is now selling for less than $1000! Now you can get a superior treadmill for a lesser price.

Its active response™ cushioning system made from Standard Elastomers also rates excellent for giving enough support. The work-out programs could challenge beginner or even professional marathoners. The unit boasts of its user-friendly controls, sophisticated console and engaging entertainment facility which include built-in speakers and a USB port.

Find out more about this unit and discover why a runner rated this treadmill 5 out of 5.


  • Frame: Folding Type
  • Motor: 2.75 CHP
  • Running Area: 20” x 55”
  • Speed range: 0.5-12 mph
  • Incline levels:  0-15%
  • Max weight capacity: 325 lbs or 147 kg
  • Cushioning: active response™ cushioning system
  • Orthopedic Belt: Yes
  • Work-outs: Manual, Custom 1&2, Intervals (speed and peak), Weight Loss, Stamina Builder, Foot Hills, Golf Course, Mountain Climb  
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Contact Grips
  • Entertainment console:  iPod/MP3 dock with input jack, built-in speakers
  • Dimension when assembled: 80” x 37” x 56”
  • Dimension when folded: 42”x37”x73”
  • Treadmill weight when assembled: 253 lbs or 115 kg
  • Treadmill weight during shipment: 325 lbs or 147 kg
  • Voltage requirement: 110 V

Best Features

Powerful but quiet motor

Normally, some treadmills priced at $1,000 will give you only a 2.5 chp motor but with AFG 3.1 AT you get a 2.75 chp drive motor and a 500-lbs.-thrust-incline motor. The powerful motor runs fairly quietly, there is no distracting noise that could disturb others while you are having your work-out. The incline motor allows you to raise the incline at a higher range.

Foldable Frame

The heavy frame makes this unit stable and sturdy perfect for a rigorous running, jogging or walking exercise. There is less bouncing and vibration during a work-out because the machine is made of heavy gauge steel.

The dual hydraulic shocks enable this unit to be easily folded and unfolded. Its folding frame makes this exercise machine ideal for easy storage and mobility.

New Work-out Programs

Overtime, usual exercise routines become boring. It’s a plus that this unit has new additions. Aside from the standard work-out choices which include Manual, Customs 1 & 2, Speed Intervals, Peak Intervals, Weight Loss and Mountain Climb, this unit has added new and more challenging work-out routines like the Stamina Builder, Foot Hills and Golf Course.


Equipped with active response™ cushioning system made of Standard Elastomers and fitted with thick orthopedic belt, this unit offers better cushioning than the standard deck. Good news is that AFG’s new orthopedic belts are ingrained with wax so this makes the deck and the belt maintenance free.

USB Port for Easy Software Update

Aside from the LED brickyard display, the unit comes with a USB port. This makes it easy to download software and update programs into the unit. For one thing, this feature sets this unit apart from other treadmills of the same price range. The LED display can flash 8-digit numbers and letters for user profile and work-out statistics.

Consumer AFG 3.1 AT Treadmill Review Testimonials

Positive Ratings

Three out of four consumers rated this unit 5 out of 5. See below what they exclaimed about this unit:

  • “best under $1000 treadmill found” – Joe Bowers, Seattle, WA
  • “”very impressed” – runner 22, Fresno, CA
  • “love my new treadmill”  – nmueller, Frisco, Tx

Read full consumer AFG 3.1 AT treadmill review testimonials here.

Negative Comments

While these four consumers rated this unit a perfect score, one consumer who posted at the same site mentioned above, however, considered this treadmill “a piece of junk”. The consumer didn’t elaborate on his comment. The best possible explanation could be – the machine is simply a wrong choice for him or the particular model he received was not in proper working order (it happens with treadmills).

The obvious downside of this unit is indeed its deck measurement. It has only a 55” length. Though this length is the accepted standard length, a deck of 20” x 60” proves to be a better choice. This deck measurement gives enough room for longer strides and wouldn’t limit sprinting routines. For its original price of $1,499, a deck of only 20” x 55” is somewhat a discouragement. However, if you actually don’t need a longer deck, this unit is already a good buy for its current price.


A treadmill that gives you more for a lesser price, AFG 3.1 AT is now selling for $999! It’s 33% off or $500 less its original price of $1,499 (note, prices may change any time). The unit gives you the same superior treadmill features and work-out options offered by more expensive exercise equipment.

Overall:  Not a bad value for the sale price ($999).  However, for the regular price, you can buy treadmills with better features.


This unit comes with a standard warranty – lifetime for frame and motor, 3 years for parts replacement and 1 year for repair service. Extended warranty is also available for an extra price.


Shipment is free when ordered at AFG Fitness.

Where can you buy the AFG 3.1 AT Treadmill?

Buy the AFG 3.1 AT Treadmill at AFG Online.


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