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‘Home gym’ is the term used for a full body resistance training system. Home gyms can be ‘machine-design’, lever-design’, or ‘free weight-design’. The machine-design is a home gym that uses cables and pulleys. It’s akin to the machine weight lifting equipment in a gym versus the free weights. The lever-design home gym is a hybrid of machine and free weights. Many of the movements of the equipment are levers or swivel arms. The weights used to create resistance are typically weight plates. A free-weight home gym is basically a bench, dumbells, and barbells.

I’m partial to the lever-style home gyms because with the bench, it can be used as a free-weight system and you enjoy the benefits of lever-style weight lifting. That said, the benefits to a machine-style home gym is it is efficient because you don’t need to add and remove weight plates. Also, quality machine-style home gyms can be engineered to provide resistance for more range of motion. Some weight lifters consider machine weight lifting not as beneficial for building strength and muscle; however, with good engineering, a weight machine can actually provide a better rep because there is equalized resistance throughout the entire movement.

The home gym reviews on this site are based on my extensive weight lifting background and use of many, many types of gym equipment – home gym equipment and commercial gym equipment. In the course of my workouts, I use all the types of weight lifting systems – machine, lever, and free weights. I don’t subscribe to the believe that one style is better than another. Instead, I like variety and I choose a type of exercise and equipment that delivers the best result for any particular exercise.

That said, no matter what home gym you buy, be sure your home gym choice enables you to do most of the power moves – bench press, bent over rows, deadlifts, and squats. If your home gym doesn’t give you these options, then consider getting a barbell system to complement your home gym. The power exercises are, in my view, a great foundation for any resistance training program. You don’t have to use too much weight either.

We hope the home gym reviews on this site are informative and easy-to-read and find.

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