Epic 450 MX Treadmill Review


It is more difficult to find this treadmill on the market today, but I wanted to write this Epic 450 MX treadmill review as an affordable option that is quite durable.

Epic treadmills aren’t the leading name in the market right now, but they are a force to be reckoned with since they offer commercial grade motors and highly durable frames that hold up for a long lifetime of fitness. Just don’t expect a lot of features or a fancy console from an Epic treadmill in this price range.

Specifications At-a-Glance

MSRP: $1,499

Speed:0 - 10 mph
Motor: 2.25 HPIncline:0 - 10%
20" x 55"Cushioning
Heart Rate
Grip Pulse Max. User
300 lbs.


2.25 HP Commercial Motor

This is a rather competitive range of power for a treadmill in this price range, but what really stands out here is that the motor is commercial grade. This means it is designed to withstand heavier rates of usage, so it is less likely to give out after a few months. It can stand up to the demands of a commercial environment with multiple users, so it is more durable than a motor designed for more solitary residential use.

55″ Belt with Cushioning

Most users will be able to hit full stride comfortable on a tread belt that measures 55″ long and this is about what you can expect from treadmills within this price range. What makes this worth noting in my Epic 450 MX treadmill review is the belt cushioning. That is something you won’t find on all treadmills with in this price range.

Wireless Heart Rate Compatibility

While you won’t get a wireless chest strap to monitor your heart rate with the purchase of this treadmill, the console is designed to work with wireless heart rate monitors if you already own one. You can also use the manual sensors built into the handlebars.

Basic Console with Fan

Besides the ability to sync with your own heart rate monitoring device, the console on this treadmill is rather basic. You can monitor how many calories you have burned, your time, and speed, but don’t expect much more in terms of workout feedback. It does have a built-in fan, but that is practically standard today as most treadmills now have them.

10 MPH/10% Incline

The Epic 450 MX treadmill will go up to 10 mph and can incline up to 10%, which isn’t bad for a treadmill in this price range. Yet again, it isn’t exceptional either. You can find many competing treadmills that offer the same range, with some going up to 12 mph and 12% within the same basic price range.

The console is designed to switch incline and speed with the single press of a button, which makes this a very easy treadmill to use.

6+ Preprogrammed workouts

This was is the big letdown for this Epic 450 MX treadmill review. For a treadmill retailing over $1,000 you would expect more than just six preprogrammed workouts, but that is all you get with this machine. The workouts are arranged between weight loss, aerobic, and performance goals so you at least get some variety so every workout is not the same. You can find lower priced treadmills with more workout options if this is a major concern for you.

Besides the six workouts for weight loss, aerobic, and performance goals, you get two that are based on your heart rate (using manual checks).

Book Rack

Do you like to read magazines or perhaps a good book while working out? The Epic 450 MX treadmill has a small rack on the console where you can prop your reading material and stay entertained throughout your workout.

Cup Holder

Many lower priced treadmills include water bottle or cup holders as an extra bonus, and Epic has done the same thing here. The cup holder is easy to reach and will ensure you can workout longer without getting thirsty.

Durable Frame

The Epic 450 MX treadmill is suitable for users up to 300 pounds, which speaks to the durability of the frame.

Benefits of the Epic 450 MX Treadmill

The big feature of this Epic 450 MX treadmill review has to be the commercial grade motor with a nice range of power. It is also worth pointing out that this treadmill is compatible with wireless heart rate devices if you already own one or want to purchase one. The inclusion of workouts that work off your active heart rate is another nice feature.


  • MSRP:  $1,499
  • Price when on sale:  $1,299

Warranty Information

You don’t get the lifetime Epic warranty on the frame for this treadmill, like you can with higher priced Epic treadmills. This one comes with 10 years coverage for the motor and 90 days coverage for parts and labor.

Where to Buy the Epic 450 MX Treadmill

Any Epic 450 MX treadmill review has to note that this is not the most impressive machine on the market today. Compatibility with wireless heart rate monitors is another perk worth mentioning.

If you pay the full $1,500 retail price you could read other treadmill reviews here and find more competitive models with more programming to offer in that price range.

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