HealthRider H95t Treadmill Review

This HealthRider H95t Treadmill scores a 70 (out of 100) rating. This HealthRider H95t review explains the features and benefits in detail as well.


The HealthRider H95t Treadmill’s nicest feature is the fact it’s outfitted with iFit Live Technology.  Otherwise, it’s specifications and features are pretty standard for a treadmill priced in the $1,000 range.  One disappointment is the motor is only 2.75 horsepower, which for the price is on the low side.  Otherwise, this treadmill has a nice wide console angled relatively flat making for easy reading.  In fact, the console and graphics are another very nice feature.


Motor Power 2.75 horsepower (using a CHP Endura Commercial Plus Motor).  Not optimal – 3.0 is preferred, especially for treadmills priced close to a $1,000 (prices vary – depending on sales and discounts).  At Treadmill Reviews HQ, we place a decent amount of weight on motor power to derive our rating score (set out above).
Running Deck Size
  • 20″ x 60″ running deck size – no complaints about this running deck size for a treadmill priced under $1,000.  For most people, this size is sufficient for walking and running.
  • Running deck size is also important in our scoring system because we like space to workout.  A 20″ x 60″ is our baseline specification for an okay score in this category – top points go to treadmills that are longer and/or wider (with a preference on longer).
Speed Range 0 – 12 miles per hour with One-Touch Speed.  Decent top speed and the one-touch speed feature – which lets you adjust speed with increase/decrease speed buttons within easy reach is nice additional feature.  What’s so beneficial about One-Touch Speed?  When you’re in the middle of a workout and you wish to adjust speed, it’s no fun having to push a series of buttons to do so.  One-Touch Speed lets you directly press either an increase or decrease speed buttons so you adjust your speed quickly with minimal interruption to your workout.
Incline Range
  • 0 – 12 percent.  The incline adjustment on the HealthRider H95t, like the speed adjustments, uses One-Touch Incline – which enables you to quickly adjust incline without navigating a series of buttons.
  • 12 percent is a decent incline range for not being touted as an incline trainer.  If you’re looking for a serious hill climber – with incline range in the 20, 30, or 40 percent, then you’ll want to search for an incline trainer (select incline trainer next to equipment in the search box to the right).
Cushioning System The HealthRider H95t Treadmill gives you up to 15% impact reduction compared to running on pavement using SoftTrack Cushioning.  There is no doubt that treadmills with a built-in cushioning system is one more reason to get a treadmill to complement your outdoor running.  If you run often or have any kind of joint issue, the SoftTrack cushioning will reduce the impact to your joints compared to running on pavement.
  • No folding feature.  Whether a treadmill folds or not is not something we consider in our scoring formula.  The reason we don’t consider (i.e. award points for folding / non-folding) is the benefit is purely customer-specific.  It doesn’t make the treadmill better or worse universally.  In other words, the folding feature may be desirable by one person, yet completely irrelevant to somebody else.   How do you score that?  You can’t and so we don’t.
  • That said, if you do your own ratings (we’ll give you are formatted spreadsheet so you can customize your own ratings – fill out the form to the right and we’ll send it by email to you immediately), then you can include the folding feature in your customized scoring.  We hope our scores help you somewhat, but we know the best scoring is a system customized to your treadmill needs.
iFit Live
  • Yes – which is a nice feature.  Here’s how iFit works.  First, it’s technology developed by ICON Health & Fitness – the largest fitness equipment maker in the world.  iFit is being placed on many of the numerous treadmill brands sold by ICON.  Read my full article on iFit Live.
  • Okay, iFit Live on a treadmill is two components – a port on the treadmill and a wireless card (you must buy the wireless card separately).  The wireless card brings the Internet (i.e. iFit programming) to your treadmill screen (a nice screen on the HealthRider H95t by the way).  With a subscription (as of this writing) to iFit, you’ll have all the software loaded into your treadmill computer.  You can also have it loaded into your own computer.
  • When your treadmill has iFit live, you can create practically any workout you want – by mapping any course/track/trail that Google Maps has mapped.  So, if you have an upcoming race and know the course, you can input that course in your iFit and your treadmill will incline/decline as you proceed through the course.
  • It gets better (you can tell I like iFit) – you can mount your laptop on the console and then as you progress through the course, you can watch scenery from Google’s street view.  You can run practically many major cities, trails, etc.  This is one of several features of iFit – you get many custom workouts and it’s a fairly robust workout tracking package so you can track your workouts, meals … your entire fitness / health life in one program.
Max. Weight Capacity 325 – almost impressive.  It’s good though and helps the score on this treadmill.  Why would we care about maximum weight capacity?  Because in our view, it’s indicative of the durability and strength of a frame.  If a frame breaks-down, a treadmill is useless.  The frame is vitally important to a treadmill.  That said, the HealthRider H95t comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame – which is in fact impressive.
Heart Rate Monitor
  • Yes, there is a heart rate monitoring system – using grip sensor technology – which means the heart rate sensors take your heart rate by placing your hands  on the sensors located on the handle bars.
  • There is no wireless / chest strap heart rate system on this treadmill.

However, HealthRider offers for sale SEPARATELY the AccuRate Wireless Heart Rate monitor. This is a wireless chest strap heart rate monitor that integrates with most of HealthRider’s treadmills.

Workout Programs In addition to the iFit Live technology, the HealthRider H95t Treadmill comes with numerous built-in workout programs which are as follows: 

  • Six workouts based on distance – one mile, five K, five mile, ten K, ten mile, and half marathon.
  • Ten workouts based on performance.
  • Six workout programs designed for weight loss.

Having this type of workout variety is a nice feature because your workout regimen and goals will likely change over time.  For example, you may get a treadmill to lose weight, but as you improve your performance and lose weight, you may start preferring performance and distance-based workouts.  Instead of having to configure your own workouts, the HealthRider H95t Treadmill does it for you.

Competition Training Center – you can compete with virtual competitors.  If you’re a racer or like competition for motivation, then you’ll like this feature where you can enter a race any time you like.

Audio / Sound System With built-in speakers and an MP3 (including iPod) docking station, you can play all the music you want while working out without having to wear headphones.
Console Nice and wide console featuring: 

  • 2 large water bottle holders.
  • Relatively wide and flat reading rack.
  • iPod dock.
  • Speakers using Intermix Acoustics 3.0.
  • Touch-Screen Display.
  • With Touch-Screen technology – you can navigate the large screen by touch rather than a series of external buttons on the console.  This keeps the console clear of many buttons (except the One-Touch buttons for speed and incline adjustment.
  • The display screen is located at the top of the console and is relatively large for a home treadmill.  Note that this graphical Touch-Screen is not a TV.
Financing Available Yes, you can opt for a payment plan if you qualify.

Benefits of the HealthRider H95t

  • iFit Live Technology – lets you run pretty much any course or trail mapped by Google.
  • Plenty of built-in workout programs – suitable for whatever your workout goal.
  • Large Touch-Screen display for crisp graphics and easy computer navigation.
  • Cushioning technology using SoftTrack cushioning so that not only does having the HealthRider H95t Treadmill in your home let you work out indoors, but you gain the benefit of lower impact running and walking.
  • Enter a virtual race any time you like with the Competition Training Center.  If you’re a person who thrives on competition, then with the Competition Training Center you can race any time and track results.

Consumer Review

Good treadmill for man-sized guys. Sound system not as “dynamic” as represented. Stick with your earbuds. iFit Live costs extraread more of this HealthRider H95t Treadmill review.


  • Frame and Motor:  Lifetime.
  • Parts and Labor:  1 year.

Price Range:

$500 – $1,000 (prices and inventory may vary)


  • Only a 2.75 horsepower motor.
  • Heart rate sensors only on the handle bars – no wireless telemetry / chest strap heart rate monitoring option.  You can buy separately the AccuRate Wireless Heart Rate Monitor.
  • No warranty on the treadmill deck.

Where to Buy

HealthRider is a brand that is part of ICON Health & Fitness – a large fitness equipment maker and retailer.

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