Horizon Fitness CE5.2 Elliptical Trainer Review


Front drive elliptical trainers are easier to get on and off and offer a unique pedal motion that many people find more natural than that the motion offered on rear wheel drive models. This Horizon Fitness CE5.2 elliptical trainer review is designed to give all the details you need to make an educated comparison between other elliptical trainers selling within the same price range.

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When you consider the Horizon Fitness CE5.2 elliptical trainer you are stepping out of the lower price range where features are limited but you keep a vey reasonable price for the advanced features being offered. This is the mid-range market where most buyers end up making a purchase, so make sure to compare the features listed in this Horizon Fitness CE5.2 elliptical trainer review with other competing models.


SIXStar Certification

This is a new certification program offered by Horizon Fitness and not all of their elliptical trainers have it. This is a big highlight for this Horizon Fitness CE5.2 elliptical trainer review because it is based on real research into what makes an elliptical trainer comfortable for users.

This certification means the elliptical pedals are placed closer together with no space in between, the step up onto the machine is low (10”), and your body stays in an upright position while walking or jogging. The foot path is also flatter than on other elliptical trainers and the pulley system is more advanced for greater efficiency.
Due to this research and advanced technology, many users find this model to be more comfortable than most other elliptical trainers.

14.3 lb. Flywheel

A heavy flywheel is essential to a good elliptical trainer. You want it to be heavy enough to keep the machine stable and allow for a very smooth, easy gliding motion while working out. The 14.3 flywheel on this model is heavy enough to deliver a smooth, easy workout without shaking and workout interruptions.

Easy Pedal Access

Since this is a front drive model and the distance from floor to pedals is a mere 10”, this is one of the easiest elliptical trainers to get on and off. This makes it a very safe option for those who can’t step up very high or who don’t want to mess with stepping over the rear wheel to mount the machine.

You can get on this machine from the back of the pedals or from either side.

Upper Body Workout

This model has moving arm handles which allow you to work your entire body at once. This means a higher calorie burn and a more effective exercise session.

Manual Heart Rate Checks

You can’t use this elliptical trainer with a wireless chest strap, but you can place your hands over built-in heart rate grips to check your heart rate at any given time. The only downfall here is you can’t get a continuous reading through the console unless you keep your hands on these sensors.

You can however use your own heart rate monitor while on the machine.

18” Stride Length

The stride on this elliptical trainer is adequate for average to tall users who want to hit a comfortable stride while walking and jogging. Thanks to the added technology involved in this model, the stride motion is flatter than on other elliptical trainers. This simply means it will feel more like walking or jogging on the flat ground but without the impact on your joints and muscles.

This is a big highlight in this Horizon Fitness CE5.2 elliptical trainer review, since some people don’t like the unnatural feeling of some elliptical trainers. If  you are one of those people, you may prefer the flatter feel of this machine over others.

10 Magnetic Resistance Levels

There are 10 levels of resistance on this elliptical, which is rather standard for the given price range. You will be able to increase resistance for interval training within one workout or to move up over time as your body becomes stronger. All you have to do to switch from one level to another is push a button.

10 Built-In Workouts

This is a decent number of preprogrammed workouts for the price range, though there are some competing models which can top it. The console is nicely designed so you can quickly select the workout you want to perform and get started. With these workouts you can make sure every exercise session is as productive and effective as possible.

Musical Entertainment

You know you are climbing up in the price range a bit more when you start seeing more entertainment features. This is what makes this elliptical trainer stand out from the lower priced models selling under $1,000. The console has a built-in speaker system and there is a connection for your mp3 player. This allows you to be entertained with your own music while working out and you don’t even need to mess with ear buds.

Built-In Fan

You also have a fan built into the console which allows you to keep cook while working out. This is another small feature that hints you are climbing up to the mid-price range of the market.

275 Pound Weight Limit

Users over 275 pounds will need to look at other options as this is the cut off weight for this model. This is fairly standard for the lower and mid-price range elliptical trainers.


The benefits to be highlighted in this Horizon Fitness CE5.2 elliptical trainer review include the built-in speakers and mp3 player connection, the fan, and the advanced technology that makes it extremely comfortable and easy on the body. The lifetime frame warranty isn’t a bad feature either.


This is a much harder elliptical trainer to find today, since it is sold exclusively through Canadian Tire. You can find it online and shipping rates will vary depending on your chosen retailer.

Warranty Information

Horizon is known for offering great warranties and they didn’t drop the ball with this model. You get lifetime coverage on the frame, 15 years for the brake system, and 1 year for parts and labor.


The Horizon Fitness CE5.2 elliptical trainer is quite impressive in the comfort arena. The technology and advanced research put into its development has resulted in a very comfortable machine that many consumers love. Unfortunately, it is much harder to find especially if you want to shop online from the U.S.Where to Buy the Horizon Fitness CE5.2 Elliptical Trainer

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