iFit Reviews: What is iFit Live? Is iFit Worth Buying?

What is iFit Live?

The iFit wireless card connects your fitness equipment (which must be outfitted with an iFit port) to the internet.  The iFit card also stores and tracks your workouts, meals, creates personalized workouts, and connects to Google Maps replicating terrain for you (and displaying the actual terrain and sights on your screen) to train on.

iFit Live is a wireless card-like gadget that plugs into the consoles of select treadmills sold at:

There are two components to the iFit technology

First, the treadmill (or elliptical) console must have an iFit port.

Second, you need the iFit wireless card which plugs into the treadmill iFit port.  The iFit wireless card delivers the internet to your treadmill screen.  The iFit wireless card also stores workouts and a variety of your personalzied workout data (see features and benefits below).

Oh yeah, you obviously need a computer and a wireless internet connection in your home or wherever you’ll be using iFit.

What are iFit Features and Benefits?  Why get it?

iFit Live comes with all the following features and benefits:

1.  iFit Google Maps

The coolest feature of iFit is the Google Maps feature.  With this feature you can replicate any terrain that Google Maps has mapped (which is pretty much everywhere).   So, for example, if you want to run the Boston marathon route on your treadmill or incline trainer, you simply upload the Boston Marathon route to your iFit wireless card and plug it in to the iFit port on your treadmill or incline trainer.  Your workout will replicate the terrain of the Boston Marathon – with the incline automatically adjusting as you run the hills on the Boston Marathon route.  If you mount your laptop or iPhone on your treadmill console, you can view the terrain from Google Street Level and watch the scenery as you progress through the course.

2.  iFit Nutrition

Record and store your meals and calories.  Plan meals for optimal training.  iFit Live stores and plans all your nutrition information.

3.  iFit Workout Tracking

Track calories burned for pretty much any workout – swimming, weight lifting, basketball, running, etc.

4.  iFit is iPhone Compatible

Track your workouts on your iPhone with the iFit iPhone app.

5.  Jillian Michaels’ Workouts

Jillian Michaels is a nationally recognized trainer and wellness expert having appeared on the The Biggest Loser TV show.  The iFit is programmed with numerous Jillian Michaels workouts.  Read more about Jillian Michaels.

Is iFit Live worth buying?

If you have a treadmill with an iFit port or are buying a treadmill with an iFit port AND you run races, iFit is definitely worth buying. If you like running races, iFit lets you train the exact terrain of pretty much any race you’ll be running. You can’t get much better training than that. As you can tell from above, I’m only keen about the iFit Google Maps integration. It’s pretty expensive (there’s an ongoing monthly cost in addition to the upfront purchase) just to track and store workouts and meals.

That said, I suspect iFit live will add features in the future – with internet and computer integration, the sky is the limit. What this means is if you are interested in internet and computer integration with your fitness equipment, and you’re in the market for a treadmill, then you may narrow down your choices to those with iFit.

Attaching a laptop to your treadmill

You can buy a treadmill laptop holder that easily attaches to your treadmill (or other exercise equipment).  I feature the treadmill laptop holder here.

Where can you buy the iFit wireless card?

If you’re buying a treadmill (or any fitness equipment item) with an iFit port, then you can buy the wireless iFit card here.

iFit technology has limited availability

iFit was developed by ICON Health and Fitness which owns ProForm and Workout Warehouse.  This means at this time you can only get iFit technology from select treadmills sold at ProForm and Workout Warehouse.  Between the two there are many treadmill options to choose from.

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  1. Wayne Gorlick says:

    Disappointed with iFit for two major reasons: 1. No support for Android phones even though the on-board screen in my Nordic Track Treadmill is Android Based; and 2. Even more important than android phone support is that there are no programs for Cardio Rehab. I recently had a heart attack and the treadmill is part of my rehab program at home supplementing my rehab program at my hospital.

  2. JC Pritt says:

    Completely disappointed with iFit. Their customer support is the worst in the business. I bought a ProForm treadmill from Sports Authority (great store, great employees). I bought it for the iFit functionality. After getting it home and going through all the motions of set-up for iFit it still did not work. I called multiple times. No answer then no service. Email exchanges with customer service were even worse. I received a response about every 24 hours only to have them ask another question. “Is the product registered?” responded in the affirmative, waited 24 hours; “Have you registered on iFit?” responded in affirmative, wait another 24 hours; “Do you have a wifi connection?” and on and on. How many days should it take to troubleshoot this kind of problem? All other functions with the on-board Droid device worked beautifully. Internet connection was solid but still no iFit. I ultimately returned treadmill because I am disgusted by iFit lack of responsiveness. I would never purchase another product with iFit technology.

  3. Scot says:

    STAY AWAY. I have a $2000 treadmill that I bought because of the Google Maps. Worked pretty well and I even recommended my setup to others. Then, in late 2012 iFit “totally redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up” as their marketing spiel went. The result is this requires all the many devices that were created to connect to the site to either need major firmware updates (and the hardware doesn’t match since now the buttons don’t line up with the new site categories) . And some machines seem to be dead-ended, even if they are only one or two years old. (I’m not in the market to buy a new treadmill every year,… I paid for something I figured would last a while.) However, my machine, and many others, have been TOTALLY UNUSABLE SINCE THIS “UPGRADE”. I have called, emailed, submitted requests to the site,… only responses are “we’re still working on it”…. 3 months and counting. I have this thing to run in the winter. It was 6 degrees out yesterday. They couldn’t have picked a worse time to pull this. Do not allow yourself to be oversold on the Google maps feature. They may eventually figure this out,… but it doesn’t seem like it will be soon. And then how long before the do something like this again?

  4. M. Gwin says:

    I-fit is JUNK! It does not work as it is advertised. Calls have not provided any help to solve issues with the program. I would not recommend !

  5. bwhite says:

    at the moment ifit does not work as advertised. Has not worked since the end of November. Some of the functionality of the old site has been restored but some of what has been restored doesn’t work correctly. For example: stats and history of your workouts are either not there at all of if they are the numbers are wrong. My stats for my blood pressure in some instances are recorded as 250bpm. I’m sure my doctor would fall over if he saw that was my blood pressure reading during a workout. Unfortunately most of the negative reviews that you can find online are correct. Unless ifit gets it’s act together and soon. I will not be a customer in the future. For now my first year came free with the device I purchased. Next year I would not pony up the $99 price or whatever it will be. For this bad product.

  6. Do not buy IFit. It sounds like a great idea, but it does not work. I purchased my treadmill six months ago and within a few weeks IFit did an upgrade to their site and now IFit does not work. I have called IFit lots and they keep saying “we are working on it, wait for next week”. That was five months ago. I called last week to see if they could extend my membership (other websites said they are doing this) and IFit said they might backdate my subscription a week. When I told them IFit has not worked for over five months they pretended they didn’t know this. IFit used to have a Facebook page where people would post updates and their frustrations. IFit took this page down last week (they are trying to hide from the negative PR). During my last call, IFit operator told me to live with it and joked I was stuck with my treadmill now anyway. Well actually, I checked with the company I purchased my treadmill and they have agreed to give me a full refund (at least one company is ethical). I’m returning it later today (It’s big so that is why I haven’t returned it earlier). IFit is a scam, don’t get sucked in and have months and months of frustration. This company will be bankrupt soon the direction they are going. Also, I have talked with all the business in my city (I live in a big city) who are currently selling IFit. I let them know they are selling a broken product. Costco is taking them off the floor today here!

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