ProForm Pro 2500 Treadmill Review: You Can Run Downhill on this Treadmill

ProForm Pro 2000 TreadmillOf all the ProForm treadmills, I’m most impressed with their PRO line which includes the ProForm 2500 Treadmill and the ProForm 4500.

Why am I most impressed with ProForm’s PRO treadmill line?

Because cost per feature, it’s their best line of treadmills.  For example, you can get the ProForm Pro 2500 for as little as $1,299 when on sale.

The ProForm Pro line also comes with some cool features such as wireless internet on the Pro 4500 and a decline option on the Pro 2500 treadmill.  In fact, the ProForm 2500 also has a decline feature.

What’s so great about a decline feature on a treadmill?

ProForm is part of a company that developed iFit Live software.  iFit Live’s best feature is that you can program in real-world courses by integrating with Google Maps.  This way you can actually run or walk real-world courses on your treadmill.

The trouble with iFit Live is in the real world, you run downhill.  Therefore, if you wish to replicate real world running courses on a treadmill, you can’t include downhill training until now with the ProForm 2500 and 2500 treadmills.

 ProForm Pro 2500 offers premium features at a not-so-premium price

What is a premium price for a treadmill?  Anything over $2,000 in my view is a premium price to pay for a treadmill.  Yes, the ProForm Pro 2500 is regularly priced at $1,999 but when on sale, you can get it for $1,299.

Features of the ProForm Pro 2500

Running Surface Area Size

The 20″ x 60″ running surface size accommodates most runners and running styles (i.e. longer stride and sprinting).

Cushioning Technology

ProForm has improved their cushioning technology with what they call FS2 Full Surface Suspension Cushioning.  Suspension cushioning is an optimal form of shock absorption on a treadmill.  I discuss treadmill cushioning in detail here.

Incline and Decline

The incline is up to 15% gradient and the decline to -3% gradient.  I discussed the benefit of the 3% decline above.


0 to 12 mph.  Not bad.


I like the fact the ProForm Pro line of treadmills has one-touch speed and incline adjustment option.  This means you simply click the speed or incline number you want.  This way you don’t have to hit an arrow button repeatedly.

Maximum Weight Capacity

350 pounds.  Not bad for a treadmill you can frequently buy for less than $1,500 (MSRP is $1,999).


ProForm has improved their treadmill warranties in recent years.  The ProForm Pro 2500 has a lifetime frame and motor warranty, 5-year parts warranty, and 2-year labor warranty.

Motor power

Motor power is becoming less and less of an issue with newer treadmills.  Most motors are 3.0 horsepower which is sufficient.  The ProForm Pro 2500 is even higher at 3.25 hp.

iFit Live Compatible

You can use iFit Live technology on this treadmill.

Large Screen

The 8″ inch backlit screen is larger than most screens except for the 10″ screen on the ProForm Pro 4500 (which also has wireless internet capability).

Wireless and Dual Grip Heart Rate Monitoring

I like treadmills that offer a choice of both wireless and grip sensor heart rate monitoring.

My criticism of the ProForm Pro 2500

In order to fully use the iFit Live technology, you must buy a wireless adapter separately.  It seems to me that these items should be included.  I hate having to buy items separately.

 3 Main Reasons to buy the ProForm pro 2500

1.  Decline feature:

Not many treadmills offer this feature (for now).  It’s an impressive feature if you wish to replicate running outside where you’ll inevitably run downhill.  Precision training should include downhill training which is not usually possible on a treadmill.  Now it is with this treadmill.

2.  Three Premium Features:

3.25 hp motor, 60″ long running deck, and 2 heart rate monitoring options are 3 premium features I place a great deal of emphasis on.

3.  Top of the Industry Warranty

Until not too long ago, few treadmill manufacturers offered a lifetime warranty on both the frame and motor.  ProForm didn’t for a long time.  Now they do.

Frankly, ProForm has seriously stepped up their treadmill quality in 2011.  In fact, with their innovative features, they’ve more than stepped up; they’re becoming leaders in the premium home treadmill market.

Where can you buy the ProForm Pro 2500 Treadmill?

Click here to visit the official ProForm Pro 2500 Treadmill Website

Or click here for a list of ProForm Sales and Deals.

Or, read my 5 Reasons to buy the ProForm 2500 Treadmill here.

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