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Treadmill Brands on Sale About Treadmill Deals, Sales and Discounts

What kinds of deals and discounts do the brands offer?

Treadmill deals and discounts vary by brand and model.  Examples of deals include:

  • A percentage off the full retail price
  • A stated dollar amount off the purchase price
  • Free shipping
  • Extended warranty discounts

What is a treadmill deal?

Most treadmills have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).  This is the top price for the treadmill.  It’s also called “full retail price.”  You should almost always be able to find a treadmill deal where you buy a treadmill for less than the MSRP.

Types of Treadmill Deals and Sale Events

Treadmill manufacturers and retailers offer a variety of treadmill deals and sales.  There are sale, discounts, promotions, promo codes, coupon codes, and value-added option for no increase in price.

1.  Treadmill Sale

A treadmill sale can be a time-limited event or an ongoing discount applied to some or all of the treadmills sold by a particular treadmill manufacturer or retailer.  A sale can apply to all treadmills sold or select models.

2.  Treadmill Promotions

Sometimes a treadmill manufacturer wants to promote a particular model or sell off inventory of particular models.  In this case, the treadmill manufacturer and/or retailer may aggressively offer treadmill promotions.

A promotion can be had using promo codes or simply applied upon purchase.  A promo code is a code you provide when you purchase the treadmill.  Generally promo codes only apply to online purchases.

3.  Treadmill Coupons

A coupon is much like a promo code.  A coupon is a code you provide at purchase which triggers the discount.  Not all treadmill retailers offer coupons.  Smooth and Yowza frequently have coupon codes available that trigger excellent discounts.

Coupon discounts can apply to all models, but more often than not apply to a particular model.

4.  Value-add Treadmill Deals

A value added deal is when you get more than the MSRP offers such as free shipping, free in-home delivery, and/or extended warranties.  Free shipping is common while free in-home delivery and extended warranties not so common.



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Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

By bookmarking this page you can easily return to it when you’re ready to make your purchase and see that you get the best treadmill deal or discount.

More Treadmill Deal FAQs:


1.  Which treadmill brands offer deals and discounts?


Many top-selling brands, including:

  • ProForm
  • Yowza
  • Sole
  • Smooth Fitness
  • Horizon Fitness
  • Bowflex
  • Schwinn
  • Nautilus
  • HealthRider, and more …

2. In what form do treadmill brands offer their discounts?

Again, it varies by brand and even model.  For example, some treadmill brands offer coupon codes to be used upon purchase checkout.

3. Can I use more than one discount per purchase?

Usually not.  It depends on the deal offered.  Be sure to check each deal and find out if you can combine offers.  For example, you might find an excellent dollar discount off a particular model with which you may add a “free shipping” deal.

4. Is there any obligation to buy or do anything when checking out treadmill deals?

Not at all.  You gain the discount or deal only when you purchase a treadmill … and there’s no obligation to purchase anything.

5. Are there deadlines for treadmill deals and discounts?

Treadmill deals and discounts do change from time-to-time.  A deal you see today may not exist in a week.

6. How does Treadmill Reviews HQ get access to treadmill deals?

I research, write, and publish extensively about treadmills and other exercise equipment.  I work with the major brands who give me information about their latest deals.  I simply do the research, put all the treadmill deals together in a nice package, and give them to you.

In fact, by signing up for these deals, you’ll not only gain access to dozens of treadmill deals, you’ll get them in one place so you don’t have to scour the web looking for a deal.  I help you save money AND time.

7. If I live outside of the USA, can I get treadmill deals and discounts?

It depends on the treadmill manufacturer and/or retailer.  If you live outside of the USA, be sure to inquire whether stated deals and discounts apply to you.

8. Should I wait for a treadmill deal or sale?

Not necessarily. If you take the “wait and see” approach you may never buy a treadmill. Instead, take the time to look for the best treadmill sale or deal presently offered.

But, be sure you get the right treadmill for you. Sure, you might find your 3rd choice discounted heavily, but you’re better off getting your first choice even if the discount isn’t as good.

Although sometimes a treadmill manufacturer may offer an incredible deal, the fact of the matter is that there is almost always an excellent deal or sale offered by most manufacturers.

9. How can I find great treadmill deals, promos, and discounts?

Check out the table above and click the treadmill brand you’re interested in buying.  Again, bookmark this page so you can return to it in the future.

About HQs Treadmill Sale and Deals Page

Treadmill retailers often have some form of a treadmill sale and offer treadmill deals throughout the year.  This page is where we feature links to current treadmill sales and deals.

More about Treadmill Reviews HQ’s Deals and Sales page

It’s true our focus is to provide treadmill reviews and ratings – but we know at the end of the day, once you’ve decided on a treadmill – or maybe you’ve put together a shortlist of treadmills together, you’ll appreciate getting a deal or finding a great treadmill sale.  Who knows, a treadmill sale featured on this page just may help you narrow your shortlist down to one – solely because of the deal presented.

In an effort to help you find a treadmill sale or a great deal, we’ve created this page that will feature the latest treadmill sales and deals that we get through our affiliate relationships with treadmill manufacturers and retailers.

Each week we watch out for the latest treadmill sales and deals we work with so that we ensure you have access to the latest deals being offered.  Some treadmill manufacturers and retailers run sales frequently, while others maintain the same deals for a long time.  We know many people spend a decent amount of time researching their treadmill purchase, so if you’re in the research stage right now, bookmark this page so you can check back frequently to see if there is a new treadmill sale featured.

If a treadmill deal above lists a coupon code, be sure to note down the code as presented so if you purchase the corresponding treadmill, you’ll have the coupon code handy to insert in the appropriate field upon checking out so you gain the coupon discount.

Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference so you can check back for the latest treadmill deals and sales.  You want to ensure you get the best discount for your purchase possible.

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